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Birth Doula Services

Our Doula, Lee, has supported many births here in Alberta. She has a unique set of skills and education as an RMT, Birth Doula and also a Childbirth Educator. She is known for her amazing hands on pain relief and physical support during births and her light presence in any birthing environment. 


Lee Olivia

Birth Doula, RMT, Childbirth Educator

"The most important thing to me is educating birthing people so they have the confidence to advocate for themselves during their birth. And guiding support people so that they can be more involved in the birth process"

Currently accepting births for March, April and May of 2023!

Hands on physical support and pain management.


FREE Labor TENS Machine Rental


Education and partner support.

The Breakdown:

What do I get with a Birth Doula?

- 24 hour support: questions, concerns, updates, emotional support and much more.

- Education: Lee is a childbirth educator, you will receive lots of education throughout your prenatal visits!

- 2 Prenatal visits/consults: this is where you really get to know one another and Lee can get a solid understanding of what your wants and needs are for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. These are done late 2nd trimester and sometime in the 3rd trimester (but we work with your timeline too).


- A birth plan or birth preferences

- A FREE Labor TENS Machine rental! Normally $85.

- Hands on support: pain management techniques, position coaching, pushing techniques, fetching supplies, partner support and much more

- Photos if you want them: Lee is not a professional photographer but can take some nice photos for you if you wish.

- Timeframe: Lee typically goes on call at about 37 weeks and is ready to join you whenever you feel you need support. It takes her up to an hour to get to you (based on location) and she will stay with you for the duration of your birth.


- Back up Doulas: Lee works with amazing back up Doula's that will take her place until she can get to you if needed. This is no extra cost and you will be well acquainted before your birth.

- Postnatal support: Lee will stay for the first hour or so (depending on your needs) to help you with your first feed and any other care you or your support person might need in that time.


Our Doula package is $1000+gst - This includes everything outlined above and more. 

A deposit of $350 is required to book your due date. The remaining portion can be paid in whatever schedule you prefer but the full amount is due at 36 weeks or 1 month before your due date).

All Doula bookings are subject to approval based on availability. Bookings are made once a good fit has been established! Please email us with your basic information and due date so we can start the process - you can find this at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in more of the services we have to offer check out our packages and deals! You can combine services to save on costs and get a more rounded care package.

Please inquire below!

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