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A different journey to parenthood...

Cesarean Birth Support

Cesarean birth is still birth, but it is also a MAJOR abdominal procedure. We are here to support all journeys to parenthood and recognize the unique experience of cesarean birth. Both Jess and Lee have a lot of experience with cesarean birth support and have decided to launch a specific service tailored to planned or expected cesarean births. 


Basic Cesarean Support

Starting at $1,000

What is included: 

Two prenatal planning sessions with our team 

24/7 virtual support and on-call period

One on one birth date support 

Immediate postpartum support in-hospital 

Follow up postpartum support shift

Cesarean Birth Support Package

Our cesarean packages are a work in progress. However, we are able to provide add-on services at a discounted rate to build your own cesarean support package for now! 

Add on's

  • Cesarean birth class - $200 (reg $250) 

  • Cesarean recovery journal $15 (reg $20) 

  • Infant feeding sessions $100 (reg $150) 

  • Postpartum respite (hourly rate decreased) 

  • Infant and child choking and CPR $100 (reg $125)

  • Cesarean MAMA shirt $20 (reg $30) 

  • Cesarean baby shirt $10 (reg $20) 

Feel free to reach out with your wish-list and we will see what we can work out for you! 


Now accepting 2024 applications for cesarean birth support. We only accept a limited amount of clients for this service per month. 

Thanks for involving us in your parenthood journey!

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