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Prenatal Crash Course

A condensed course that summarizes the following in an 8 hour day with the option to participate in a one hour breastfeeding course following. In this course we will cover everything you need to help prepare you, these include:

- Anatomy and Physiology of the 3rd trimester

- Fetal Positions: how babies can be positioned in utero and how to get them in an ideal position for birth

- Labor and delivery: the physiological processes

- Pushing positions: your options with and without epidural

- Hormones: what hormones are involved in pregnancy, labor and postpartum

- Labor Indications: how to know when labor has started and when to go to the hospital

- Medications & Comfort Measures: pain relief options, antibiotics, how to manage labor pains naturally

- Induction methods

- Procedures and interventions: procedures that can happen to get baby out or keep labor progressing

- Cesarean section delivery

- Birth Plan and what to expect: what happens in the hospital

- Postpartum recovery: preparing for the transition into postpartum

- Newborn behaviour and care 

- Infant feeding

We are happy to offer this course virtually if participants would prefer. We will send you a list of materials that may be handy to have at home to participate with the class. We also utilize a camera that follows the presenter and participants as they respond and interact so it will feel like you are in the class with us! Please indicate if you'd like to participate online in the message portion of your registration form. This hybrid option is available on Strathmore sessions only. For other sessions you must reach out to discuss.

If you have any questions please contact

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