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Infant Feeding Consultations


Jess provides in-home or virtual infant feeding support and education. She uses her combined experience as a registered nurse, breastfeeding specialist and mom of two to support you in your infant feeding goals.

Common reasons include:

- Assessment of latch and feeding session

- Baby weight and growth assessment

- Introduction of bottles

- Introducing pumping

- Milk supply assessment

- Organizing a feeding and pumping regimen

- General tips related to feed and sleep balance and more

Feeling unsure if she will be able to provide you with support?

You can always reach out and book a free 15 min phone consult!

Consults cost $150 for a 90min session

Prenatal consults are $100 for a 60min session

Virtual consults start at $50

Jess is available for a free 15 minute phone consult to make sure it is the right fit before committing.


Consults are in-home!

Jess comes to you- this is so she can assess and help you in your own environment where you likely spend most of your time.

There is no extra charge for travel within 80km of Strathmore AB, anything after 80km is a one time charge of $25 


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