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Some of Jess's Favourite Things - Postpartum & Infancy Edition

Favourite App


An app you can use to track feeds, pumping sessions, introducing solids and, it’s main feature, sleep! With the free version, you can track everything, view the summary of information and watch for patterns. With the paid versions, you can get sleep training advice or sleep training plans specialized for your infant.

Development Resource

Information about developmental milestones relative to your infants age that includes videos, activities you can do to improve their development, checklists to ensure they are meeting appropriate milestones for their age and what to do if they are not.


An app that prepares you for your little ones developmental leaps. It prepares you by telling you how to help your little one develop the skills they are working on, warns you when a leap is about to occur so you can prepare for extra emotions, cuddles and more and allows you to document their skills in a very simple manner while also having the ability to add custom diary entries!

Local Health Knowledge

Search “breastfeeding” in search bar for example. However, there are hundreds of resources created using local information and references on all health topics. Search terms relative to my practice would be: breastfeeding, postpartum, newborn, prenatal

Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Families Matter Peer Counseling

A free service that can be facilitated in-person or over the phone. You meet with a peer counselor that works with your schedule to allow you time to chat about your concerns and the adjustment during the postpartum period.

Breastfeeding Resource


An extensive resource about all things breastfeeding and MORE. It is very thorough, well written and easy to read because who needs to be thinking about medical terms and big words in the middle of the night when they are trying to latch their newborn!

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