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The number one way to boost your milk supply

The secret to a great milk supply is simpler than you may think.

I often have clients and friends ask me:

  • How can I boost my milk supply?

  • Should I be on domperidone?

  • Have you heard of ___ lactation cookies/teas? Do they work?

Before you start any galactagogue, you need to check your water intake!

Water is the number one ingredient in breastmilk and you need a lot of it!

Are you drinking 2-3L (MINIMUM) per day?

Especially in those early weeks as your breast supply is just getting established AND your body is recovering from birth. Water is IMPORTANT!

Before I suggest any sort of galactagogue I suggest my clients make sure they are drinking about 3L of water a day.

After that, comes diet. The first 6 weeks postpartum is not the time to try to drop the pregnancy weight. You need a well-balanced diet with a lot of variety. You shouldn’t need too much extra. A lot of studies show that even famished mothers are able to produce enough milk for their babies. However, it is good to have about 300-500 extra calories, especially in those early weeks, to make sure you have enough to recover from your birth and make the milk your baby needs.

If you add in pumping sessions, you need to add in water and calories!

If you decide to add in pumping sessions, on top of feeding your infant, you will likely need to eat and drink a bit more to keep yourself hydrated and nourished on top of nourishing your infant and building your stockpile.

But remember, for MOST cases, breastmilk is primarily supply and demand. Your body won't make it if you aren't stimulating it to by either nursing your baby or by pumping. Make sure you are not going long stretches without pumping or feeding your baby in those early weeks postpartum.

Also be patient with your body. This is a new skill for it. Regardless of if you have done it before, each breastfeeding journey and experience is different. Your body is different. Your baby is different. It all changes with each pregnancy and each baby.

If you feel like you require more assistance with this, feel free to contact me or book a consultation! I travel for consults in Strathmore, Calgary and surrounding areas. I will also see you virtually if you desire!

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