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I'm Lee Olivia

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My Story

I am a registered Massage Therapist, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. Prenatal care and education is what I love to do! I currently practice out of a fertility and prenatal centered natural health clinic in Calgary. By combining education, support and physical treatment I am able to offer a completely holistic approach for my clients. 

New Zealand is my homeland, I have been living in Canada for about 8 years now. I came here while on my O.E. and fell in love with it! at first I was just visiting but then an opportunity came up to stay and nanny so I thought I would see what that would look like for me. Like most Kiwi's that live here, the mountains is what really won my heart over, skiing and mountain biking are just a couple of the things I enjoy out there! Volleyball is another one of my big loves, it is where I met my partner Michael, we continue to play competitively in Calgary. We love our rural town of Strathmore AB, where we live with our bunny Jasper, it has given us the calm pace we desire in our lives. Living in a small town where access to resources is limited is the driving force for why we created Jess & Lee Maternity, we want to make this education accessible for everyone!

I fell in love with the gifts of massage therapy and birth support. A way to connect with other people in the most incredible ways, helping them through their parental journeys in all facets. I have supported many families through different birth experiences as a Doula and am beyond grateful for that privelage. As an educator I call on my experiences and knowledge as a birth Doula to provide realistic teachings to expecting parents. Along with my extensive knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of fertility, pregnancy and birth, I am able to offer you knowledge that is above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need to take on this journey with confidence. 


I'm here to help, no matter what I will help you find a solution!

Let's connect.


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